Key Information for Students

ALLEF has provided key information about our six month French and German exchange programmes for 8 – 11 year olds

Living in France or Germany for 6 months will mean your life will be entirely different. You’ll be living with a new family, learning a new language, going to a new school, eating new food and making new friends. Everyday there will be new experiences, new surprises, new things to enjoy.

There may also be times when you realise how much hard work will be involved. Listening, understanding, speaking and writing in a foreign language. Learning to live with and communicate with a new family. You may, in the early weeks, feel a little lonely and homesick, but don’t worry. That’s completely normal and most other children have felt the same. Those feelings usually will have gone completely by the end of the first month.

In the first few weeks, keep yourself busy by drawing pictures, playing music, playing outside, being helpful around the house and smiling. You and your new French or German family will be able to communicate a lot in the early days through actions, smiles and a little language. Treat your new family like your own and you won’t go far wrong. If you do have some real problems then talk to the parents you’re living with, write to your own parents or get in touch with ALLEF directly so we can help sort things out for you.

As the exchange progresses, make sure you make friends with children other than those you are staying with. In the same way you don’t spend all your time at home with your parents, brothers or sisters in the UK, you should also make friends with other children you meet and talk to from school or clubs. At any time, if you are unhappy, if somebody is being unkind to you or if something is making you feel uncomfortable, please let someone know. Speak to your parents when they phone you or send a letter to us at ALLEF.

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