So where am I now?

I guess the fact that my French exchange started 10 years ago last September means that I am now an Allef old-timer. Certainly doesn’t feel like it! But what have I been up to since then? Well first of all, I enjoyed my first experience so much that in 2006 I did a 6-month stint… Continue reading So where am I now?

Emma’s double exchange

As the youngest of the four Holmes children I never really bat an eyelid when a random French child would turn up in our house for six months or one of my own siblings would disappear. What I do clearly remember is being massively jealous. Once Matthew and Beth had returned from their exchanges I… Continue reading Emma’s double exchange

17 years on!

Explaining your motivation for wanting to leave your family, your friends and your country can often be hard, especially when speaking to people who can’t comprehend the notion of sending their children away for 6 months. I can’t quite pinpoint the reason why I decided that I wanted to go to France. I don’t think… Continue reading 17 years on!