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ALLEF in the UK is a branch of ALLEF Deutschland, made up of  volunteer members whose children  have participated in an exchange. No salary, dividends or remuneration are paid to ALLEF representatives. We are a truly voluntary organisation dedicated to facilitating quality language and cultural exchanges.

We have been arranging exchanges to France and Germany since 1994, initially as a not for profit company registered with the Charity Commission, and more recently as a branch of ALLEF Deutschland. In that time we have helped over 300 students and families to have an educational, informative and, most importantly, enjoyable experience. Indeed, some of the children who have participated in exchanges have felt it was a positive, life-changing event.

Other organisations that provide similar services to ALLEF are usually run on a commercial basis to make a profit. ALLEF is different. As a voluntary organisation, we have no commercial incentives or targets to hit. All those who work for ALLEF are purely concerned with enabling families to undertake fun, exciting and safe exchanges.  The fees that we charge (currently £50 initial application fee and £600 when the first half of the exchange  begins) purely cover our operating costs, principally the twice yearly round of interviews in each of the partner countries.

Our partner organisations in France, Allef France, and in Germany, Allef Deutschland, share our ethos and are also voluntary, non-commercial organisations.

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